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All India Teachers Training Academy (AITTA) makes a special effort to connect to those who are passionate about the education sector, especially the visionary, young and enterprising women entrepreneurs, to become our Educational Learning Partners.Education industry is one of the best and safest with high returns. It not only has financial but also a satisfaction quotient.The most reliable workplace for women to startup their own business under total support and guidance of AITTA. An individual or an institution looking to start or expand business within the education sector, school administrators intending to create own space in the society, the quality conscious individuals who are genuinely interested in shaping careers are our ideal business partners. To combine your networks and skills with our expertise in International Teaching practices, we invite not franchise but partnership applications from those with a proactive approach and zeal to witness comprehensive growth.

Objectives of Partnership

  • To have a win-win situation which enables proliferation of both AITTA’s brand offerings coupled with the local initiative and acumen of our Education Learning Partners (ELP) as opposed to the concept of franchise models for mutual benefits.
  • Under our ELP business model, which is uniquely different from the Franchise models, entrepreneurs / women entrepreneurs can build up a sound, high quality educational venture through grant of ELP rights to conduct our brand courses as per norms.
  • Catering to and benefitting from the need of quality certified teachers in accordance to the rapid growth of International and Pre Schools across the nation.
  • An increased Educational business opportunity and wider reach especially for aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  • Greater service capabilities with focus on value addition.
  • Share long term business strategies and goals.
  • Create and maintain a win-win situation for sustenance, development and growth

Demand of Women Entrepreneurship

In the words of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “Empowering Women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their thoughts and their value systems lead to development of good family, good society and ultimately good nation”.

Women entrepreneurship or business women in India has seen steady rise in the last couple of decades and the increase in the number of business women or enterprises fuelled substantive contribution to the World as well as Indian economic growth. Women owned and operated businesses presently comprise about 10% of the total number of entrepreneurs in India and the percentage is increasing every year. Experts forecast that the current trend is going to persist and it is possible that in another five years, women will comprise 20% of the total entrepreneurial or business force. It is inspiring to know that the women-owned businesses, whether independent or franchisee businesses, are one of the fastest growing segments within the economy and the trend is forecast to continue resulting from rapid globalization across the sectors. For the aspiring or business minded woman entrepreneur, contemplating a head-start, there cannot be a better time to do it than now. The promising education sector is the best platform for business, be it self-owned or franchised or partnership business.

Women Entrepreneurship

Business Women or Women Entrepreneurship in India is an emerging concept which has been gaining momentum since the last three decades. More and more women are getting encouraged to take up small business or franchise opportunities with a strong preference for the education sector. Emergence of more and more women entrepreneurs is playing a pivotal role in contributing to the economic growth of the country. Characteristics that distinguish women as entrepreneurs are:

It is estimated that women constitute 50% of the total population and contribute more than 50% to the GDP growth through self-owned and operated small businesses. More women entrepreneurs in India are the need of the hour because women are more likely to understand customers better than men and are often better at building long-term relationships that benefit businesses to a great extent, thus having a positive impact on individual & national growth.

Educational Business opportunities in India

As per India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) the education sector or educational franchise platform has tremendous potential to grow due to the huge demand-supply gap. Presently, there is an additional requirement of 2, 00,000 schools, 35,000 colleges, 700 universities, and 40 million seats in vocational training centers in India. Ind-Ra estimates the market size of the education sector to be around INR 7,800 billion in FY17 from INR 6,423 billion in FY16. Besides the growth in the conventional public and private sector education systems in the form of schools and higher education institutes, the sector shall grow reasonably supported by the non-formal private education sector in the form of pre-schools, coaching institutes, vocational training centers etc. The rapid expansion of education sector in India, however, is faced by a high student-teacher ratio in both the school and higher education segments. This is because the supply of teachers is failing to keep pace with the rise in number of students. Besides the quantity, there is an acute problem of qualified and skilled faculty. Thus, the quality of learning and academic standards often get compromised which is not desirable at all.

The Pre & Primary Segment :

In the year 2015 the Pre & Primary segment including educational franchise business was worth USD 2.21 billion of which the branded segment was expected to contribute 33.83% to the total school industry in India. Pre & Primary segment as well as educational business in India is expected to grow from USD 0.75 billion in 2011 to USD 3.24 billion in 2017 at a CAGR of 26 percent. With growing awareness among tier 2 and tier 3 cities, penetration rate for the pre & primary school segment has witnessed a rise of 25 per cent in 2015 alone, creating a huge demand for quality certified teachers.

How we support our partners

Being AITTA’s Educational Learning Partner, you get a fair share of our expertise along with our brand reputation, that provides a head start to your business. Not only that, you need not worry about hiring trainers for your centre because you get complete academic support from AITTA H.O. To add to that, all necessary support to facilitate your marketing activities are provided in order to shoulder a major share of responsibility off our ELPs. Unlike any conventional franchisee model, AITTA’s ELP programme is based on our motto of working together with our Educational Learning Partners at every step.

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