Co Parenting & Divorce Edu.


Learn how to effectively communicate with your child’s other parent while managing the difficulties that occur during divorce. We provide respectful parenting and relationship tools that guarantee a smooth transition for your family during this rough time.

In this course you will learn

  • What Co-Parenting Looks Like, and How to Build and Maintain a Co-Parenting Relationship
  • What is Assertive Communication, and How to Implement It in Your Relationship
  • What Effects Does Your Divorce Have on Your Children?
  • The Effects of Guilt
  • The Benefits of Planning
  • How to Deal With an Uncooperative Partner, and the Next Steps: Beyond “Dealing”
  • What to do When Children Misbehave
  • The Differences Between Obedience and Cooperation

The maximum duration of the course is 4-24 hours which covers a period of 3 months.The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed

      • Module 01: Introduction: Why a Course on Co-Parenting/Divorce?
      • Module 02: What Co-Parenting Looks Like
      • Module 03: Building and Maintaining a Co-Parenting Relationship
      • Module 04: Assertive Communication
      • Module 05: The Effects of Divorce on Children
      • Module 06: Guilt
      • Module 07: Planning
      • Module 08: Dealing With an Uncooperative Partner
      • Module 09: Next Steps: Beyond “Dealing” With an Uncooperative Partner
      • Module 10: When Children Misbehave
      • Module 11: Obedience or Cooperation?
      • Module 12: Review
      • Module 13: Stress Management
      • Module 14: Dealing with Stress with Mindfulness Practice
      • Module 15: Dealing with Anger
      • Module 16: Communication
      • Module 17: Attentive Listening
      • Module 18: Reflective Listening
      • Module 19: Types of Conflict
      • Module 20: Compromising
      • Module 21: How to Argue
      • Module 22: Handling Defensiveness
      • Module 23: Identifying and Correcting Cognitive Distortions
      • Module 24: Maintenance

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