Frequently Asked Questions


Can you tell me the difference between Montessori and Nursery Schools?

Montessori Schools follow the philosophy, beliefs and education approach of Maria Montessori, an Italian Physician and an Educator. This system of education caters to the age group from 2-5. Nursery schools provide education to the age group of 3 to 5 following a fun and playful method. Nursery schools don’t abide by any particular educational approach.

Can you tell me the difference between preschool and nursery schools?

Both preschool and nursery schools lay the foundation in early childhood learning. Nursery schools have a primary day care facility with few important facilities like meals, snacks, outside activities, art, craft and nap time. Such schools will cater to such activity based lesson to enhance the development of a child. Preschool provides early education to children between 2 and 5 years, a level before they get into formal education. Preschools can be privately owned and Government aided.

Can a Montessori trained teacher teach in a nursery school?

Yes, a Montessori trained teacher is eligible to teach in a nursery school.

Is it really a Montessori course?

Yes of course as it is catering to the age group of two to six worldwide.

What is International Montessori Nursery Teachers Training Course?

The International Montessori Nursery Teachers Training Course is for the teachers who aim to teach the age group of Montessori/ Kindergarten/ Nursery up to class five. This course makes one eligible to teach both Pre & Primary level of students.

Which age group will I be able to teach after doing the course?

he course makes you eligible to teach the age group of 0-12 years.

Will I get a Diploma Certificate?

On completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognized Diploma Certificate.

Do I get any help from tutors or trainers?

The students will be given constant support from the tutors. The tutors can be contacted through email, chat or phone. The tutors will be providing guidance at every step of the course.

How much salary can one, expect?

This is a question that is simply not possible for us to answer. Salaries differ across the globe, and even vary considerably within communities. The best solution is to ask someone you know. If this is not possible, consider telephoning a few local schools. Explain to the person you are speaking with that you are considering training to become a Montessori teacher and you are wondering what an average salary might be. Emphasize that you are not inquiring about their school’s salary schedule, but, rather, a community average. ie. salary depends on the schools. Salary ranges from Rs 4000 – Rs 20000. If you have previous teaching experience you will get better salary.

What are the learning modes?

The courses are available in three learning modes: Regular, Online/ E- Learning and Distance Learning.

What is the difference between Online and Distance mode?

In Distance learning, we send the study materials via courier to the shipping address of the students.
In Online/ E- Learning mode we give the access to the study material through a user ID and password.

What is the evaluation process?

The Online candidates can submit their assignments online and the Distance candidates can send theirs via courier.

Is the program recognized by the Government?

We provide a globally recognized program which is welcomed worldwide. The certificate provided by All India Teacher Training Academy helps one to teach in any part of the globe.

What is the eligibility of the Program?

Anyone with a 10+2 level qualification is eligible to apply for an International Montessori Nursery Teacher Training Program. The existing teachers can also upgrade their teaching skills.

Will there be any exams in the program?

Yes, depend on course. The examination is in the pattern of assignments or written test. The assignments will be evaluated by the tutors and feedback will be provided.

When will I get a certificate?

On successful completion of all the assignments, the assessment will be done and the candidates will be awarded the certificate.

How important it is to have a teaching qualification to get a job in pre and primary schools in India?

A teaching qualification is a must to find employment in pre & primary schools in India. A Montessori or pre & primary teacher’s training certificate is a legal license for the fresher /would-be teachers to apply for teaching posts in pre and primary schools. The employers are in need of qualified and well trained teachers in order to educate the children. Hence it is very important to get certified in teacher’s training in order to get jobs easily in the competitive market.

What makes AITTA’s course different from others?

AITTA is recognized and its courses are acknowledged by renowned international educational bodies which is rare in the case of the institutes over here. In India, locally recognized Montessori courses are more prevalent. Most of the nursery or pre & primary teacher’s training courses are vocational / certification course in India while AITTA offers certification in teacher’s training program which is more valuable and results in better employment. The internationally recognized certificate helps you to find pre & primary teaching jobs not only within India but also abroad. The simple certification courses run by other institutes in India give exposure for jobs only in India. AITTA provides 100% job assistance on successful completion of the course. AITTA has designed the course structure in a unique and comprehensive way incorporating various new ways to make the course curriculum interactive and unconventional which are missing in other courses.

Will the schools accept my certificate?

Schools in India and abroad will surely accept and choose an internationally certified candidate over a normal Montessori certified teacher, as AITTA offers an globally accepted certificate which has won worldwide recognition and acknowledgment.

Does the course have videos for me to watch?

The Distance learning has the option of academic support by means of videos. CDs are generally sent to you via post when you get started with the course. The videos have real-life presentations by the teachers of in-class teaching. The trainees can relate to these videos for learning each phase. The trainees get an exposure and taste of the real life teaching experience through these videos.

Do you help me in job placement?

Since we are not any sort of a placement agency, we cannot guarantee a job at the end of the course but surely we provide 100% job assistance in India and abroad. Our contacts with placement agencies and schools worldwide can help you with useful information on the jobs and vacancies.