AITTA Approach

Our Approach to Curriculum Design
AITTA Preschool Solutions supports an eclectic approach to curriculum design. Our early childhood curriculum is based on the following underpinnings:

Developmentally Appropriate
The works of Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Howard Gardener’s “Multiple Intelligences”, Benjamin Bloom’s “Bloom’s Taxonomy” and John Dewey’s “Thematic Approach” have provided us a deeper understanding of how early experiences can be structured. Our preschool curriculum is planned in a manner that it is appropriate to children’s developmental abilities and supports their physical, intellectual and emotional development.

Although we conduct extensive research in each area of development separately, all aspects of development are interrelated and therefore integrated within the curriculum.

Social development – addresses how children relate to others.
Physical development – includes growth in size, strength, motor skills and coordination.
Cognitive development – refers to how children think, process information, solve problems and use language to communicate
Emotional development – relates to feelings about self and others.
Life Skill development – encourages daily life skill practices to evolve as a overall better personality
Curriculum Structure
The curriculum is structured across 4 years :

Playschool : 1.5 2.5 yrs.
Pre School : 2.5 3.5 yrs.
Junior Kindergarten: 3.5 yrs. to 4.5 yrs.
Senior Kindergarten: 4.5 yrs. to 5.5 yrs.
Each year’s curriculum has a set of predetermined developmentally appropriate goals which form the basis of curriculum design. We offer a range of curriculum themes. The Literacy, math, science explorations, art, music movement and motor activities complement the theme of the month. Each theme is supported by a set of worksheets and pintables that are to be used in the classroom. The curriculum has an inbuilt Perceptual motor program that aims to engage children in a variety of physical activities and exercises to promote perception, gross and fine motor skills. The curriculum being extremely detailed is appropriate for home schooling. To ensure quality we not only conduct intensive curriculum workshops at preschools, we also provide you with a curriculum manual that details the procedures of conducting the activities in the various learning centres.

Assuring quality
We are gaining a reputation for offering high quality curriculum frameworks to preschools across India and abroad. Our preschool program is based on research and drafted by experienced and internationally qualified curricula drafters. The preschool curriculum offers a selection of learning themes, each with their own learning objectives and outcomes with guidelines for assessment.