Why do we need a Curriculum for Pre-School ?

One of the quality standards of a preschool is defined by its curriculum design. The soul of the preschool curriculum greatly influences the all round development of a child. Considering the particular needs and requirements of an early childhood curriculum, it is imperative to have a professionally designed curriculum. AITTA Preschool Solutions provides schools an early childhood curriculum that is based on theoretically sound practice and extensive research in child development, pedagogy, learning theories and brain research.

It has been identified that the early years from 2-6 yrs are one of the most important time for brain development and learning in a child. It has been proven by experts world over repeatedly that the capacity for a child to absorb concepts and learning is the highest during these years of a human being’s life. So, it is very necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years of the child’s development and ensure that the same is imparted in an effective manner to the child.

Blackboard learning and learning by rote does not work during these years. The child learns through experience and repeatedly performing activities that interest him / her. From the proper primary classes in schools, a curriculum is defined by whether the school follows ICSE, CBSE or State boards based on what the school has adopted. But, no such standards have been defined in the preschool segment. Hence, it is extremely important that a clear cut curriculum is defined enabled by materials which can be used to develop a variety of skill sets, interests and intelligence in the child.