Domestic Violence


Master establishing and maintaining boundaries while recognizing the many ways in which relationship violence can appear. Learn healthy relational behaviors and communication skills to build relationships that are safe, respectful, and built on trust.

In this course you will learn

  • What is Domestic Violence, and What are the Kinds of Domestic Violence
  • Who are the Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Why Victims Stay in Abusive Relationships
  • How Widespread is the Problem of Domestic Violence
  • What are the Impacts of Domestic Violence
  • Why Domestic Violence Exists
  • What We Know About People who Batter
  • What You Can Do to Help

The maximum duration of the course is 4-52 hours which covers a period of 3 months.The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed

Module :
    • Module 01: Introduction
    • Module 02: Who Are The Victims
    • Module 03: Intimate Partner Violence
    • Module 04: Child Abuse
    • Module 05: Elders
    • Module 06: Why Victims Stay
    • Module 07: How Big is the Problem
    • Module 08: The Impacts of Domestic Violence
    • Module 09: Why Does it Happen
    • Module 10: Why People Batter
    • Module 11: Helping
    • Module 12: Empathy
    • Module 13: Anger
    • Module 14: Expressions of Anger
    • Module 15: Where Does Anger Come From
    • Module 16: Recognizing Anger
    • Module 17: Other causes of Anger
    • Module 18: Anger Management in Action
    • Module 19: Emotional Intelligence
    • Module 20: Forgiveness & Respect
    • Module 21: Self-control
    • Module 22: Anger in the Positive
    • Module 23: Managing Aggression
    • Module 24: Think Happy Thoughts
    • Module 25: Other Types of Thought
    • Module 26: Coping Skills
    • Module 27: Cooling Down
    • Module 28: Handling Defensiveness
    • Module 29: Identifying and Correcting Cognitive Distortions
    • Module 30: Threats and Anger
    • Module 31: Stress Management
    • Module 32: Dealing with Stress with Mindfulness Practice
    • Module 33: Communication
    • Module 34: Assertive Communication
    • Module 35: Assertive Communication, continued
    • Module 36: Assertive Communication in Action
    • Module 37: Effective Body Language for Assertive Communication
    • Module 38: How to Argue
    • Module 39: Nutrition and Exercise
    • Module 40: Emotional Intimacy and Needs
    • Module 41: Facing Fears
    • Module 42: Discovering and setting boundaries
    • Module 43: Stress in the Moment
    • Module 44: Feeding Anger
    • Module 45: Resolutions
    • Module 46: Conflicts and Resolutions at Home
    • Module 47: Cultivating Self Esteem
    • Module 48: Boundaries
    • Module 49: Accepting Yourself
    • Module 50: Letting Go
    • Module 51: Relax
    • Module 52: Respecting Others

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