Teaching Exercise in School

Proper and sufficient practical experience is required for a teacher training course to be complete. Interaction with students in an actual classroom is very important. Hence teaching practice session is an integral part of our teacher training curriculum and a lot of significance is given to these sessions during evaluation. These sessions help the teachers understand the in classroom scenario and observe the behaviour of the students. The practical implementation of the teaching methods learnt is important. Also the feedback from the evaluator helps the trainees in understanding their areas of improvement. The students can arrange for a school in their locality/ city, AITTA will provide an official recommendation letter which will help in getting permission from the school authority. Existing teachers can do teaching practice in their own school.

  • A student needs to complete a minimum of one Teaching Exercise/ Practice Session from any local Pre-Primary school.
  • AITTA will be providing with an official recommendation letter for the purpose
  • The students may choose their own topics for these sessions
  • The teaching practice lesson format will be given by the academic tutor
  • The students need to submit Lesson Plans, Material Evaluation forms, Observation sheets and Evaluation forms duly filled as proof of the teaching practice sessions.