Internet & Device Dependency


Give your brain a break from the screen and develop stronger willpower. Understand how social media affects your day-to-day life and develop skills for how to cultivate a balanced, mature relationship with the technology that surrounds you.

In this course you will learn

  • What is Device/Internet Dependency?
  • Why is the Internet so appealing?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being plugged in
  • Dependency versus bad habit
  • Keeping track of usage
  • How you experience the Internet
  • Social media — is it social interaction?
  • How dependency can negatively or positively affect your life
  • Device dependency and attention span
  • Various physiological side effects of being plugged in
  • Mindlessness versus mindfulness
  • Unplugging and other helpful tools

The maximum duration of the course is 4-12 hours which covers a period of 3 months.The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed

Module :
      • Module 01: What is Stress?
      • Module 02: Mindfulness Meditation
      • Module 03: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
      • Module 04: Nutrition and Exercise
      • Module 05: Yoga
      • Module 06: Identifying and Correcting Cognitive Distortions
      • Module 07: Problem Solving
      • Module 08: Shyness and Social Anxiety
      • Module 09: Facing Fears
      • Module 10: Stress and Anger
      • Module 11: Assertive Communication
      • Module 12: Time Management and Organization

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