10 Essential Needs for Teacher Training

“The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.”

There are various factors working on simultaneously to assess the effectiveness of a teacher. These are knowledge of the content, speaking aptitude, experience & certification of the teacher and ability of developing bonds with the students.

Knowledge of the content is essential to upgrade the ante of learning methodology as teachers with sound knowledge over the subject proves to be more effective than teachers who lack strong knowledge of the content. Sound knowledge over the content and subject also aids teachers in bringing up new skills in the teaching process in the context of fast changing educational space consisting of latest technologies and pedagogy. Speaking aptitude of a teacher is also imperative in the process of learning as it is used in delivering the knowledge and imparts learning. Therefore how teacher speaks is taken into consideration to identify the effectiveness of a teacher.

It is essential that a teacher should be competent enough to deliver a lesson on particular topic clearly enough so that students from diverse background and abilities should be able to understand it without much hindrance.
Experience is always handy in every sphere of work be it any profession and in teaching it has no less implications. Prior experience in teaching is a major indicator for efficient and effective education system. It also builds up the core competencies of a teacher in a certain way. Similarly certification equally fits in with the experience and together it becomes a very effective tool for learning and education.

However, much said above, there are still some clouds of uncertainty and unfamiliarity hovering around the youth aspiring to take up teaching as a profession in the upcoming days. So here are 10 major motives or needs of imparting proper training prior to become a professional teacher.

How to teach :-

Well, this might seems to be very easy at the initial glance particularly because it is one undervalued aspect of teaching yet very essential one. Delivering a lesson requires both the application of art and science blended perfectly to make it easily accessible to the students understanding.

It also requires tangible as well as intangible means of teaching to make the learning more operational. Therefore to know and understand exactly how to teach requires constant progression of self-assessment and learning which can be gained only through a professional teaching course.

How to Learn :-
Right after one gets a fair idea about how to teach then comes another most essential aspect, “how to learn”. Yes learning for teachers is as vital as teaching itself and even more sometimes.

One can only be able to teach a given topic effectively when one holds a sound knowledge and proficiencies over the content. And for that one should know how to learn on that topic first prior to deliver it on the classroom.

What to Teach :-
Subject matter is very essential in the context of teaching, and therefore one should know and plan well before executing a lesson in the classroom on what exactly to teach to the students. There is a particular methodology on this and this could be learned only through a professional teacher training course.

Procedure to Design Instructions :-
Now coming to the more technical part of the context, designing instruction is one thing which needs a proper training and hands on expertise. To design instructional notes one should focus on various essential facets like designing and scheduling of proper lesson plans, preparing a sound enrichment activities, chalking out evaluation parameters and many more.

Classroom Management :-
Managing a classroom requires high level of concentration, self-application, patience, hands-on expertise and required experience. Because, it is like navigating through the hazards of diverse culture, demography coupled with mostly disinterested and hostile pupil.

Classroom management can also be put under a distinct discipline of studies as it is compromise of clustered elements of psychology, imparting discipline, counseling, drill on self-confidence and many other delicate arts.

Counseling and Advocating Students :-
In a fast paced world where lives of students are being brought under the microscope of evaluation every now and their space for breathing life is getting narrower by the day, counseling and advocating student and regaining their faith is one very essential component of teaching which can never be learned without a professional guidance.

Self-Counseling:- Profession as a teacher can sometimes be very toiling upon oneself in respect of the continuous societal judgment and the challenges they face at the workplace every day. With the accountability of student’s intellectual development, teachers are also responsible for their overall development as well.

Therefore it is very indispensible for the teachers to learn and know how to counsel themselves of their own to keep themselves up for the task both mentally and physically.

Parent management:-
Not just students, teachers are also in the task to actively manage the parents and effectively engaging them in the learning procedure. And this can be very tricky for those who do not possess professional knowledge on the same.

Acquire Necessary Funding:-
Much like counseling students and parents, teachers also need to be constantly active in grabbing a chance to acquire necessary funding for the development of the class or procuring essential learning kits.

Teachers also sometimes need to act as a channel to get the required technology, supplies and expertise for the betterment of the class and augment the learning process.

Motivate and Inspire Learners:-
Above all teachers are the builders of a nation, they nurture the budding talents and shape them up into those pillars upon which the entire nation depends and progress thereafter.

Therefore teachers should learn to motivate and inspire the learners so that they gain the essential knowledge effectively in order to put them up in practical use and help the nation grow further.
So these are the 10 essential motives for the need and requirement of a professional training for teachers prior to stepping into the real work field. This will not only help the teachers to execute and teach in a classroom efficiently but also help the learners to grasp the knowledge imparted on them easily and conveniently.

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